Supply Chain Network Optimization Professionals

Supply Chain Network Optimization Professionals

Supply Chain Network Optimization Professionals:

Hire Star Employees and Enhance Your Network Optimization

Supply Chain Consulting Search, LLC provides specialized supply chain network optimization recruitment services which focus on finding the right individuals for executive and professional roles that require expertise in the field of supply chain network optimization.

As businesses aSupply Chain Network Optimization Recruitmentnd markets become more complex and competitive, there is an increasing value proposition posed by internal and external network optimization professionals.  Certainly the increasing complexity of global and domestic supply chains and factors such as volatile fuel costs and global warming risks call for great flexibility and efficiency.  A network optimization specialist can help your business lower costs and increase service levels through evaluating and modifying your business-wide shipping strategy in response to changing market conditions.  Many businesses have realized multi-million dollar savings by employing the expertise of one or more supply chain network optimization professionals. These individuals typically work on a project basis on behalf of consulting firms or as full-time internal resources for larger businesses. Supply Chain Consulting Search regularly finds and places these experts in a variety of settings.

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and culture in order to build a firm picture of the desired individual’s success profile. Our recruitment process takes into account everything from qualifications and experience, to personality and work habits so we can ensure our clients are offered candidates who can quickly become a valuable contributor to their team.

Through this focused and detailed approach, Supply Chain Consulting Search has become one of the top supply chain recruitment agencies, delivering high-quality candidates to a wide variety of top businesses in the supply chain industry.  Our large database enables us to quickly provide clients with a strong slate of interested and qualified candidates. We highly doubt any executive search team–large or small–has more supply chain network optimization candidates in their database than we do!  

We can deliver exceptional candidates with skill sets that include:

  • Expertise with key supply chain management software including i2, CAPS, Manugistics, Llamasoft, IBM ILOG and more.
  • Extensive expertise in optimizing supply chain networks for consulting firms or large corporations.
  • Creating value for their internal and external customers.

We’ve got the network you are looking for!

Please call us: 513-703-1854 for more information about our supply chain recruitment services or to start searching for your next supply chain network optimization specialist!